Text Tips from Mirabito

1. Safety and proper training is #1 when dealing with propane. 
Mirabito is a proud member of the New York State Propane Gas Association and their entire team of drivers, service technician and managers has and continues to receive the most up-to-date training and certifications.

2. If you add to the ways you are using propane in your home, contact your supplier.
One of the benefits of propane is its versatility. However, if you add or convert an appliance, like a stove, to propane, it is important to let your supplier know so that we can adjust your usage and ensure that you do not run out. Mirabito offers automatic delivery for their customers and wants to ensure that you never run out!

3.  Do your research before choosing supplier.
Once a supplier has set a tank at your home, legally, ONLY they can fill that tank in the best interest of safety. Because of that, it is more challenging and more work to change suppliers than if you are using other fuels. Choose a supplier you know has safety as their #1 priority, is a reputable company and consistently has competitive pricing. Mirabito has been in business for 85 years and takes their employees and their customers’ safety very seriously.

4.  Take advantage of Mirabito’s pricing plans and budget options. 

Mirabito offers a variety of payment plans and options so that each customer can choose what best fits their budget. A budget plan, for example, allows you to pay the same amount every month so that your winter heating bills are not excessive. They also take on the risk of “playing the market” by letting you lock-in pricing for the season with either prepay or cap programs – their plans come out mid to late summer.

5. Be skeptical of companies that REQUIRE you to prepay for your fuel, even if their price is the lowest.

When companies need customer’s money up front in order to purchase their fuel for the coming season (supply), they will begin REQUIRING customers to pre-pay. That is, often times, a sign that a company is having cash-flow issues and could be at risk of not having the supply needed and promised to you when it does get cold.

6. Get your equipment tuned up every year.

It is important to keep your fuel oil equipment clean and have annual maintenance done to ensure optimum efficiency and prevent equipment failure in the cold months. Mirabito offers service agreements that include an annual tune-ups and more.