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Have you looked at the recent Major League Baseball futures odds, maybe as a way of convincing yourself there WILL BE a season in 2022?

There is no way we lose a whole campaign, right? RIGHT?

Well, spring training was set to start already, and that date has come and gone. There is a lot of doom and gloom surrounding MLB right now, but the work stoppage in 1994-95 ended via the federal courts, and that might have to be the case in 2022. Baseball needs to be fixed, that is 100 percent a fact.

So, when it does return (most likely with a universal DH and some other tweaks and/or major changes), which teams are going to be favored to win the World Series?

Do not look at the two New York City teams: neither of them is even favored to win their respective divisions, let alone their pennants.

The Mets have the buzz right now, and will probably continue to strengthen and blow past the Yankees. By the way, which of these two teams has been to the World Series most recently?

You said the Yankees? You must not be a fan of the Bronx Bombers, because EVERY Yankees’ fan knows they have not been to series since 2009: the Mets won the National League pennant in 2015, losing in the World Series to those mighty Kansas City Royals.

Since 2017 started, the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Houston Astros have each been to two World Series (winning once each), and those two teams make up spots one and two in the current odds to win the 2022 edition. LA is slightly lower than last season at +600, with the Astros at +900 as per betting deals aggregator Defending champion Atlanta is +1150, priced just ahead of the Mets in those odds and in the NL East race.

Right now, not knowing how the rest of free agency is going to play out after the lockout ends, I would say both New York teams might be trailing the adopted Northern New York favorite (especially after last season’s half-year stint in Buffalo), Toronto.

All three will start with similar odds prior to the campaign, but of course MLB futures change with the wind, as teams get hot and cold. A quick start, whenever the 2022 season gets underway, could see any or all three of the teams mentioned jump up the futures.

But will the Mets ever move ahead of the Los Angeles Dodgers, or even the defending champion Atlanta Braves, in the futures odds? Do not forget the disappointing San Diego Padres, who could make people forget about 2021 pretty quickly.

For the Yankees, there will be so much competition in the AL East, let alone the American League. Tampa Bay won the division easily last season and won the 2020 AL Pennant, while the Blue Jays are on the rise very quickly. All three of those teams will start at +1100, along with a very good Chicago White Sox side, with every team chasing the Astros, who have now won three of the last five American League titles.

If I had to say which team would be the better play of the two NYC teams, it would have to be the New York Mets.

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