A two-game road trip resulted in back-to-back victories for the women's basketball team. The Bearcats returned home and were back in action on February 26 as they hosted the Retrievers of UMBC.

The Retrievers managed to stay within striking range of the lead in the first quarter but lost momentum in the second. Te'yJah Oliver led with eight while Janee'a Summers had six. Lyric Swann and Eryn Fisher each put in a bucket as UMBC scored 18 first-half points.

Binghamton was able to take the lead early on in the game but they were not able to stretch it out as much as they would have liked. Kai Moon and Olivia Ramil both tallied nine in the half. Denai Bowman added four as the Bearcats went into the break up 26-18.

UMBC surged in the second half, cutting the deficit to as low as three. Te'yJah Oliver finished with 26. Janee'a Summers recorded 14 and Lyric Swann chalked up seven as the Retrievers totaled 58 points.

Binghamton led the entire time but had to work hard to fend off UMBC in the fourth quarter. Kai Moon had a superb showing as she registered 31. Karlee Krchnavi accounted for 13 and Olivia Ramil notched 11 as the Bearcats won 66-58.

With this victory, Binghamton secured a home game for the first round of the America East Conference tournament. They have also amassed 20 wins on the season. The final game of the regular season will be Senior Day for the Bearcats on February 29 as they will host the University of New Hampshire.

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