The Super Bowl is the biggest TV event every year, so if you are getting set to watch, here are your answers to the biggest questions.

1. What time is kickoff? 6:30 pm ET.

2. Where is the game being player? At University of Phoenix Stadium, home to the Arizona Cardinals, in Glendale, Arizona.

3. What channel is it on? NBC. Newschannel 34 in Binghamton and WBRE in PA.

4. What are the team colors? Seattle Seahawks = blue and neon green.
New England Patriots = red, white and blue. For those that don't know, the    referees are in black and white stripes.

5. How long are Super Bowl commercials and how much is it to air one? They are only 30 seconds long but they feel MUCH longer! You really want to know how much they cost? Really? Ok. Sit down.        4.5 MILLION DOLLARS! (Think Dr. Evil).

6. What players are the biggest factors in the game? Richard Sherman and Marshawn Lynch for  Seattle and Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski for the Patriots.

7. Who is the halftime performer and who is performing the National Anthem? Katy Perry is the halftime performer and Idina Menzel, who was the voice of Elsa in the movie Frozen will sing the Anthem.

8. When is the pregame show? Pretty much all day. You know how that stuff is milked!

And finally:

9. Will the balls be deflated? Your guess is as good as mine!