I must admit, I am not a big basketball fan. I pay attention to college basketball around this time of the year, but that's pretty much it. Except for one rivalry. The Duke vs. University of North Carolina rivalry always intrigued me.

The teams are in the same state and not that far away, so why aren't they rivals with others.Well, I know now, after talking to the many friends and family I have in North Carolina, that the UNC fans think Duke is over rated and gets too much press. That would do it!

UNC may not have to worry about that contentious relationship anymore. There is a new rival for Duke: Syracuse University.

Syracuse, now a member of Duke's ACC division, is in the perfect position to be a step-for -step rival to Duke. And Coach Boeheim's outburst after a decidedly bad call during a meeting between the powerhouses helped flame the fire.

Boeheim and Coach K (like I'm going to try and spell his name!) go way back and are friends, but their teams are not. And, according to a recent interview of the pair on an ESPN radio show, they welcome the rivalry and admit it will be a great one.

We shall see how it develops.