According to a report prepared by SUNY Cortland Professor of Economics Kathleen Burke and Associate Professor of Geography Wendy Miller, the New York Jets 2014 Training Camp generated over $4.6 million in economic activity in Cortland County.  Since 2009 five Jets' Training Camps have generated over $23.84 million in economic activity in Cortland County.

According to the study more than 22,500 spectators attended training camp sessions.  Visitors not only attended the practices but also spent money in restaurants, gas stations, stores and shops both in Cortland itself and around the county.

The professors' study indicates hotel revenue increased by 4 percent with 18 percent of those visitors staying for at least one night.  Survey data was compiled from 9,291 responses.

Besides the economic impact the study reports that 50 student internships were made available by the New York Jets and two open houses were  held at the Jets' permanent training facilities in New Jersey to showcase Cortland State University.