Offensive Player of the Week: Lamar Jackson, QB, Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore Ravens v Los Angeles Rams
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I'm tired of sounding like a broken record, but Lamar Jackson is just on a tear right now.
Yet another fantastic statline in an absolute drubbing of the Rams: 15 of 20 for 169 passing yards and five touchdowns, along with 95 rushing yards as well.
He's showing that you don't have to put up 300 passing yards each and every game to be amazing. He's doing it his way.

Runners Up: Baker Mayfield (24 of 34 for 327 passing yards and three touchdowns vs. Dolphins), Ryan Tannehill (14 of 18 for 259 and two passing touchdowns, 40 rushing yards and two touchdowns), Derrick Henry (19 carries for 159 rushing yards and two touchdowns, including a huge 74-yard touchdown run vs. Jaguars), Rashaad Penny (14 carries for 129 yards and one touchdown vs. Eagles), Christian McCaffery (64 rushing yards, 69 receiving yards, two total touchdowns vs. Saints), Chris Godwin (Seven catches for 184 yards and two touchdowns vs. Falcons), Jarvis Landry (Ten catches for 148 yards and two touchdowns vs. Dolphins), AJ Brown ( Four catches for 135 yards and a touchdown vs. Jaguars)

Defensive Player of the Week: Fred Warner, LB, San Fransisco 49ers

Green Bay Packers v San Francisco 49ers
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At the heart of the 49ers' staunch defense is Fred Warner, who had an all-around dominant game in San Fransisco's humiliation of the Packers.
Warner had 11 solo tackles, a sack, and a forced fumble against Green Bay, in a game where Green Bay couldn't buy a solid offensive outing, even if they had the financial clout of Bill Gates.

Runners Up: Devin White (Eight tackles, two sacks vs. Falcons), Malcolm Jenkins (Six tackles, two sacks vs. Seahawks), Sheldon Richardson (Two sacks, forced fumble vs. Dolphins), Ndamukong Suh (Fumble return for touchdown vs. Falcons), Fabian Moreau (Six tackles, two interceptions vs. Lions), Joe Schobert (Five tackles, two interceptions vs. Dolphins)

Rookie of the Week: AJ Brown, WR, Tennessee Titans

Jacksonville Jaguars v Tennessee Titans
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AJ Brown is quickly becoming the Titans' top receiver.

Brown only needed four catches on Sunday to reach 135 yards and a touchdown vs. the Jags, with an average of more than 30 yards per catch.

On top of that, Brown is among the top big play catchers in the NFL. According to Pro Football Reference, Brown is fourth in the league in yards per catch, with 18.7.

Feed. Him. More.

Runners Up: Marquise Brown (Five catches for 42 yards and two touchdowns), Devin Singletary (106 rushing yards vs. Denver), Benny Snell Jr. (98 rushing yards vs. Bengals), Taylor Rapp (Ten tackles vs. Ravens), Devin White (Eight tackles, two sacks vs. Falcons)

Best Uni Matchup of the Week: Green Bay Packers vs. San Fransisco 49ers

Green Bay Packers v San Francisco 49ers
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Not too much to say about this one. Two classic uniforms on the same field at once.

No complaints here.

Runners Up: Raiders vs. Jets, Cowboys vs. Patriots, Lions vs. Redskins

Most Barfy Uni Matchup of the Week: Baltimore Ravens at Los Angeles Rams

Baltimore Ravens v Los Angeles Rams
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Color Rush was a flop. Very few of the actual uniforms that were unveiled for Color Rush games actually looked good, and many were just straight up awful.

Since the concept's birth a few years ago, we have not seen as many games where both teams wear their uniforms. Usually it is just one.

Unfortunately however, the Monday night clash between the Ravens and Rams did feature both teams' color Rush outfits.

Now, I do actually like the Raven's Color Rush threads. I'm not complaining about that.

What I don't like is the combination of their's with the Rams' all-yellow monstrosity.

Together, they look like a team of Barney the Dinosaurs going up against a team of Big Birds.

Runners Up: Dolphins vs. Browns, Buccaneers vs. Falcons

*All stats are from, unless otherwise noted

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