Offensive Player of the Week: Deshaun Watson, QB, Houston Texans

New England v Houston
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He did not have the most statistically impressive game against the Patriots, going 18 of 25 for 234 yards and three touchdowns with a 140.7 passer rating. However the manner in which he did it against the vaunted Pats defense was nothing short of impressive.

New England's defense has been good. Like historically good.

Ironically, the Watson chose Thanksgiving week to carve up the Pats' secondary like Thanksgiving turkey, giving hope to the Texans' playoff aspirations and other teams hoping to take down the New England dynasty.

Runners Up: Aaron Rodgers (21 of 33 for 243 yards and four touchdowns vs. Giants in snowy weather), Lamar Jackson (105 passing yards, 101 rushing yards, two total touchdowns vs. 49ers), Mitchell Trubisky (29 of 38 for 338 and three touchdowns vs. Lions), Derrick Henry (28 carries for 149 rushing yards and a touchdown vs. Colts), Raheem Mostert (19 carries for 146 rushing yards and a touchdown vs. Ravens), Derrius Guice (Ten carries for 129 yards and two touchdowns),James White (79 rushing yards, 98 receiving yards, two total touchdowns vs. Texans), Robert Woods (13 catches for 172 yards vs. Cardinals), Devante Parker (Seven catches for 159 yards and two touchdowns vs. Eagles), Kenny Golladay (Four catches for 158 yards and a touchdown vs. Bears)

Defensive Player of the Week: Cameron Jordan, EDGE, New Orleans Saints

New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons
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Four sacks. Matt Ryan must still be waking up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat having flashback nightmares of Thanksgiving Day.
Cameron Jordan took over the Falcons-Saints game, putting Matt Ryan on his butt several times.
Not only that, but even when Atlanta got the ball back late in the contest with a chance to win, Jordan stepped up with one of his sacks to put the Falcons back in their place. Truly dominant.
Runners Up: Marcus Davenport (Four tackles, two sacks, two forced fumbles vs. Falcons), Roquan Smith (15 tackles, two sacks vs. Lions), Darius Leonard (11 tackles, two sacks vs. Titans), Carlos Dunlap (Seven tackles, three sacks vs. Jets), Devin White (Seven tackles, one interception, fumble return for touchdown vs. Jaguars), Ed Oliver (Two sacks, forced fumble vs. Cowboys), Taylor Rapp (Pick-six, two passed defended vs. Cardinals), Logan Ryan (Seven tackles, interception vs. Colts),

Rookie of the Week: David Blough, QB, Detroit Lions

Chicago Bears v Detroit Lions
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Well, that was unexpected...

Hands up, who thought third-string undrafted rookie out of Purdue would do well in the national spotlight on Thanksgiving? That's what I thought.

No, he didn't win the game for Detroit, but he definitely moved the ball on a stingy Bears defense, going for 22 of 38 for 280 yards and two touchdowns (and a pick)

Runners Up: Devin White (Seven tackles, one interception, fumble return for touchdown vs. Jaguars), Josh Jacobs (104 rushing yards vs. Chiefs), Miles Sanders (83 rushing yards, 22 receiving yards, one receiving touchdown vs. Dolphins), Allen Lazard (Three catches for 103 yards and a touchdown vs. Giants), Ed Oliver (Two sacks, forced fumble vs. Cowboys), Taylor Rapp (Pick-six, two passed defended vs. Cardinals)

Best Uni Matchup of the Week: Green Bay Packers vs. New York Giants

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This game had two things going for it: the uniforms and the snow.

First you have two classic uniform sets that never get old and contrast superbly with one another.

The snowy backdrop of MetLife Stadium made these uniforms pop even more.

Runners Up: Saints vs. Falcons, 49ers vs. Ravens, Redskins vs. Panthers, Raiders vs. Chiefs

Most Barfy Uni Matchup of the Week: Minnesota Vikings vs. Seattle Seahawks

Minnesota Vikings v Seattle Seahawks
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The worst for last, am I right?

The story of this one is the return of the neon green for Seattle. Firstly, those uniforms in of themselves are ugly, but it's also really hard to find an opponent's uniform that can mesh with Seattle's set in a way that it brings up the level of the uniform.

Minnesota's purple is not one that can raise the level of the neon green uniforms. I think the only scenario where the neon green wouldn't be absolutely terrible would be the Raiders white and black unis. That's it.

Runners Up: Patriots vs. Texans, Jets vs. Bengals, Bears vs. Lions

*All stats are from, unless otherwise noted

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