If I had to sum up week eight in one phrase, it would be this: Big week for the Bosa bros.

It got me thinking, who are the best sibling/family member pairings to have graced the NFL? Here's the ones I was able to think of:
      • Ronde and Tiki Barber (brothers)
      • Michael and Martellus Bennett (brothers)
      • Nick and Bradley Chubb (cousins)
      • John and Jim Harbaugh (brothers)
      • Keshawn Johnson and Michael Thomas (uncle and nephew)
      • Jason and Travis Kelce (brothers)
      • Archie, Peyton, and Eli Manning (father and sons)
      • Buddy, Rob, and Rex Ryan (father and sons)
      • Eric and DK Metcalf (father and son)
      • JJ, Derek, and TJ Watt (brothers)
      • Basically the entire Matthews family

Shifting gears to my predictions last week, another solid, wining week with me going 11-4. Here's who is taking home the honors this week:

Offensive Player of the Week: Cooper Kupp, WR, Los Angeles Rams

Cincinnati Bengals v Los Angeles Rams
Getty Images

Cooper Kupp is the most important player on the Rams' offense. It's not Goff. It's not Gurley. It's Kupp.

Yes, Kupp absolutely went off against the Bengals, catching seven balls for 220 yards, one touchdown, and averaging 31.4 yards per catch. Absurd numbers, no doubt.

To really appreciate Kupp though, you have to zoom out a little bit.

I mentioned this several weeks back in this article,  but Cooper Kupp's injury last season really halted the Rams' offense. Goff's numbers took a defined downturn once Kupp was sidelined.

At the time though, everyone pointed to Gurley's injury as the reason, but that doesn't add up, because CJ Anderson stepped into the backfield and performed admirably.

This is really a breakout year for the Eastern Washington product, currently second in the league in receiving yards. Also (and this is a big one) he leads the league in third down catches that move the chains, meaning he extends drives for his team.

I've been high on him since he came into the league, but now he has the numbers to back it up.

Runners Up: Matt Schaub (460 passing yards, 3 touchdowns vs. Seahawks), Aaron Rodgers (305 passing yards, 3 touchdowns vs. Chiefs), Matthew Stafford (342 passing yards, 3 touchdowns vs. Giants). Daniel Jones (322 yards, 4 touchdowns vs. Lions), Drew Brees (373 passing yards, 3 touchdowns in first game back from injury), Tevin Coleman (105 rushing yards, 3 rushing touchdowns, a receiving touchdown vs. Panthers), Latavius Murray (102 rushing yards, 55 receiving yards, 2 total touchdowns vs. Bears), Aaron Jones (67 rushing yards, 159 receiving yards, 2 receiving touchdowns vs. Chiefs), Mike Evans (11 catches, 198 yards, 2 touchdowns vs. Titans), Kenny Golladay (6 catches for 123 yards, 2 touchdowns vs. Giants)

Defensive Player of the Week and Rookie of the Week: Nick Bosa, DE, San Francisco 49ers

Carolina Panthers v San Francisco 49ers
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Could Nick Bosa join Lawrence Taylor as the only rookies to win NFL Defensive Player of the Year?

He's making a case for it. Bosa had three sacks and came this close to grabbing a pick-six against the Panthers, the latest in a strong string of showings for the former Ohio State Buckeye.

He's been the standout player on the NFC's best defense, has seven sacks so far this year, leads the league in pressure rate and is only getting better.

Runners Up: Joey Bosa (7 tackles, 2 sacks vs. Bears), Derek Wolfe (2 sacks, forced fumble vs. Colts), Josh Allen (2 sacks, forced fumble vs. Jets), Logan Ryan (sack, forced fumble, interception vs. Bucs), Jamie Collins (13 total tackles, 1.5 sacks vs. Browns), Devon Kennard (7 tackles, touchdown vs. Giants)

Winner of the Week: Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles v Buffalo Bills
Getty Images

I have to admit, I was really wrong about this game.

I was sure that the Bills would run away with it. Afterall, the Eagles' pass defense is, let's just say, forgiving. That combined with the fact that they were going to operate against the third-best defense in the league was not giving me any hope.

A pretty convincing win later, the Eagles are right back in the race for the NFC East.

I don't know if they can keep it up, since that pass defense can barely stop a nosebleed, but they fight for another week.

Runners Up:  The Bosa brothers (Nick and Joey bosa both had multi-sack games), Drew Brees (Picking up right where he left off before getting injured), 49ers rushing attack (232 rushing yards vs. Panthers)

Loser of the Week: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Tennessee Titans
Getty Images

Wow. Through a combination of some dubious officiating and some classic Buccaneers stupidity, Tampa Bay drops a completely winnable game against the Titans.

First there was this play, which will definitely become the 2019 version of the "butt fumble"

Then factor in the fact that Jameis Winston served up a nice, fresh batch of turnovers (two interceptions, two lost fumbles) from his bakery.

After all that, thanks to Titans coach Mike Vrabel's oh so stellar fourthdown decision-making, gave the Bucs life late in the fourth.

I have no clue why Vrabel decided to go for a fake field goal while up by four late in the game. Just kick the field goal and force the Bucs to get a touchdown to tie the game. It's not that hard.

The Bucs still were given possession of the ball, but naturally, Jameis Winston threw a pick.

That was the most Buccaneers way to lose a game I've ever seen.

Runners Up: Jets offensive line (allowed 8 sacks vs. Jaguars), Titans head coach Mike Vrabel (Why would you call for a fake field goal up by four late in the fourth quarter? Insanely lucky to get the W), Freddie Kitchens (I know the Patriots are a good team, but Sunday's game showed even further that he's not working as Cleveland's head coach), Eddy Pineiro (NOT because he missed a crucial field goal, but because he will be the scapegoat for a complete dud of an offense)

Best Uni Matchup of the Week: Carolina Panthers vs. San Francisco 49ers

Carolina Panthers v San Francisco 49ers
Getty Images

The 49ers throwbacks might be my favorite alternate uniform so far this year.

Gone are the pointless blackout uniforms, and in with these gems.

These are a throwback to the 1994-95 team that won the Super Bowl, and man are these clean.

On the other side, I'm normally pretty down on the Panthers' uniforms, and I really think they're in need of an update, but the black shirt, grey pants combo is easily their best set.

Together, this was a beautiful game.

Runners Up: Packers vs, Chiefs, Falcons vs. Seahawks, Rams vs. Bengals, Dolphins vs. Steelers

Most Barfy Uni Matchup of the Week:  Los Angeles Chargers vs. Chicago Bears

Los Angeles Chargers v Chicago Bears
Getty Images

The Chargers were not the problem in this matchup. Their threads were fine.

The problem was the complete bastardization of one of the most iconic uniforms in NFL history.

The Bears tried the orange alternate in the mid-2000s. It didn't work then. It's not working now. Retire it.

Runners Up: Bills and Colts both going mono-blue, Redskins vs. Vikings

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