Offensive Player of the Week: Lamar Jackson, QB, Baltimore Ravens

Houston Texans v Baltimore Ravens
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Lamar Jackson has overtaken Russell Wilson in the MVP race.
He continues to be the most unstoppable player in the league, and although he may not put up the most dazzling passing numbers from week-to-week, throw in his ability on the ground, and he is the most difficult player to gameplan against.
Jackson went 17/24, threw for 222 passing yards, four passing touchdowns,a 139.2 passer rating, and also tallied 86 rushing yards on the ground in a rout of the Texans.
Barring injury or a massive dip in form, the MVP award is in the bag.
Shoutout to Dak Prescott, who nearly got this award, and should get serious consideration for MVP.

Runners Up: Dak Prescott (444 passing yards, three touchdowns vs. Lions), Jimmy Garaoppolo (424 passing yards, four touchdowns, two picks, led game-winning drive vs. Cardinals), Kirk Cousins (319 passing yards, three passing touchdowns, 133.2 passer rating, helped Vikings overcome 20-point halftime deficit vs. Broncos), Christian McCaffrey (70 rushing yards, 121 receiving yards vs. Atlanta), Gus Edwards (Eight carries for 112 rushing yards and a touchdown vs. Texans), Michael Gallup (148 receiving yards vs. Lions), Calvin Ridley (143 receiving yards and a touchdown vs. Panthers), John Brown (137 receiving yards and two touchdowns vs. Dolphins), DJ Chark (104 receiving yards, two touchdowns vs Colts)

Defensive Player of the Week: Joe Schobert, LB, Cleveland Browns

Pittsburgh Steelers v Cleveland Browns
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This game was overshadowed by the end of game debacle, where Myles Garrett smacked Mason Rudolph over the head with his own helmet.
But Browns linebacker Joe Schobert put in a fantastic game before all that mess.
He racked up ten tackles, two interception, and a sack against the Steelers. The fact that I barely remember him having this game shows just just how much the Garrett situation overshadowed this game, but credit where credit is due.

Runners Up: Jordan Hicks (12 tackles, sack, interception vs. 49ers), Maxx Crosby (Four sacks vs. Bengals), Jamal Adams (three sacks vs. Redskins), De'Vondre Campbell (11 tackles, interception vs. Panthers), Roquan Smith (11 tackles, interception vs. Rams)

Rookie of the Week: Kyler Murray, QB, Arizona Cardinals

Arizona Cardinals v San Francisco 49ers
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For a team that has just come off a season that earned them the number one overall pick in the draft, the Cardinals are definitely on the right track.

Seriously, watch a Cardinals game if you have the chance. They are exciting to watch. On top of that, if you take a look at their losses, there isn't really a game where they were absolutely blown out.

A lot of this starts with Kyler Murray, who went 24/33 for 150 passing yards, two passing touchdowns, 67 rushing yards and a rushing touchdown against the 49ers, which has arguably the best defense in the league.

The fact that they've had the 49ers on the ropes, not once, but twice this season says a lot about where this Cardinals team is at in the rebuild.

Runners Up: Deebo Samuel (134 receiving yards vs. 49ers), Josh Jacobs (112 rushing yards vs. Bengals), Dewayne Haskins (214 passing yards, two touchdowns vs. Jets), Devin Singletary (75 rushing yards vs. Dolphins), Rock Ya-Sin (Six tackles, interception vs. Jaguars),

Best Uni Matchup of the Week: Cincinnati Bengals vs. Oakland Raiders

Cincinnati Bengals v Oakland Raiders
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Don't get used to seeing the Bengals here.

I've been vocal in the past about how bad their uniforms are, and they still need a redesign in the worst way.

However, the Raiders are really the only team the tiger-striped uniforms can be paired with, and make it look good.

It feels almost blasphemous putting the Bengals in a "best uniforms" category, but it looked great this week.

Runners Up: Patriots vs. Eagles, Chiefs vs. Chargers

Most Barfy Uni Matchup of the Week: New Orleans Saints vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

New Orleans Saints v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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This one is a little harsh, because there weren't any real egregiously bad matchups this week, but there's got to be one.

The Saints were fine. The white unis with white pants is easily their best look.

The problem is the Bucs alternates. It's a mono-red monstrosity, and you can barely read the numbers, which is just as well because the digital clock-like looking numbers are gross.

Runners Up: Steelers vs. Browns

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