Offensive Player of the Week: Russell Wilson, QB, Seattle Seahawks

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Seattle Seahawks
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No longer are Pete Carroll's Seahawks built on defense. They're built on Russell Wilson.

Seriously, man had 378 passing yards, five touchdowns, and a 133.7 passer rating in a shootout with Tampa Bay.

I'm not overly confident in Seattle's postseason chances. They are simply not up to par on defense, but Wilson will carry them farther than they really should go. He has hands down been the MVP so far this year.

Anyone who says differently is in denial.

Runners Up: Matthew Stafford (406 yards passing, three touchdowns vs. Raiders), Josh Jacobs (120 rushing yards, two touchdowns vs. Lions), Christian McCaffery (146 rushing yards, three total touchdowns vs. Titans), Damien Williams (125 rushing yards, had a 91-yard touchdown run vs. Vikings), Mike Evans (180 receiving yards and touchdown vs. Seattle), Tyler Lockett (152 receiving yards and two touchdowns vs. Tampa Bay), Tyreek Hill (140 receiving yards and a touchdown vs. Vikings)

Defensive Player of the Week: Bud Dupree, LB, Pittsburgh Steelers

Indianapolis Colts v Pittsburgh Steelers
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Dupree's statline isn't anything too outrageous-- he had only had three total tackles, two of which being sacks. It was more the timing and coming up big in crucial moments that cemented his huge game.

There was a strip-sack of Colts quarterback Brian Hoyer in the third quarter which led to a long scoring drive for Pittsburgh that put the team back on top.

The second one was even bigger. Third and one deep in Steeler territory late in the fourth, Dupree blew up Colts running back Marlon Mack, forcing a field goal try from Adam Vinatieri. The legendary kicker, who had already missed an extra point in the game, missed the field goal to give the Steelers a two-point victory.

Huge moments indeed.

Runners Up: Brennan Scarlett (two sacks vs. Jacksonville), Minkah Fitzpatrick (Seven tackles, pick-six vs. Colts), Joey Bosa (Four tackles, 1.5 sacks vs Green Bay), Eric Reid (11 tackles, one sack, one forced fumble vs. Tennessee)

Rookie of the Week: Josh Jacobs, RB, Oakland Raiders

Detroit Lions v Oakland Raiders
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Kyler Murray, Gardner Minshew, and Nick Bosa are getting lots of Rookie of the Year buzz, but the person who may be win it isn't the sexiest option in the world, but is a workhorse nonetheless.

Josh Jacobs is a pounder, and proved that once again carrying the ball nearly 30 times for 120 yards and two touchdowns.

Running attacks have made somewhat of a renaissance this year, and Jacobs is proving that running the rock isn't completely out of style.

Runners Up: DK Metcalf (Six catches for 123 yards and a touchdown), Kyler Murray (241 passing yards, two touchdowns), Devin Singletary (140 total yards, rushing touchdown)

Best Uni Matchup of the Week: Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Giants

Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants
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First of all, the uniform combination in this game was pristine.

The Cowboys' navy unis are severely under-worn, and the Giants have one of the few Color Rush sets that are actually, well, good. Mainly because they are throwbacks, but I digress...

What really put this one over the top is that for this game, and only this game, NFL players were able to celebrate the 150th anniversary of college football by wearing a sticker of their alma mater on the back of their helmets.

Paul Lukas explains more in this article here, where you can also see more pics of the players' stickers.

Top notch.

Runners Up: Packers vs. Chargers, Colts vs. Steelers

Most Barfy Uni Matchup of the Week: Cleveland Browns vs. Denver Broncos 

Cleveland Browns v Denver Broncos
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Why would the Browns wear all-brown when the Broncos are wearing orange? Why.

I get that it was Halloween week, but still. There are kids in the stands.

This decision was worse than any that Freddie Kitchens has ever made as head coach.

Runners Up: Vikings vs. Chiefs, 49ers vs. Cardinals

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