Kansas City Chiefs (-3) at Denver Broncos 

The Chiefs are in a tricky spot. They've had two losses in a row, something that would have seemed impossible last year. Both losses came against teams that dominated time of possession, mainly with the run.

Last week against the Titans, Phillip Lindsey and Royce Freeman tag-teamed for 104 yards on the ground. Will that be enough to keep the ball out of Pat Mahomes' hands? I don't think so.

Joe Flacco doesn't have the skill that Jacoby Brissett and Deshaun Watson have to supplement the running attack.

Denver definitely isn't the worst team in the league, but I don't think they will out-gun the Chiefs.

Score: Chiefs 23, Broncos 19

Arizona Cardinals at New York Giants (-3)

Saquon Barkley could be back against the Cardinals. I think that he returns and gives Daniel Jones a big boost against a lame-duck Cardinals defense.

Score:  Giants, 28, Cardinals 24

Houston Texans at Indianapolis Colts (-1)

It's quite simple, really. Deshaun Watson is getting hit less, and now we see him flourishing.

Last week's game marked the second straight week where Watson did not get sacked. The Laremy Tunsil trade is starting to pay off, keeping Watson's blind side clear.

The Colts are no slouch, but Watson having protection is really opening things up for him.

Score: Houston 31, Colts 24

Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills (-17)

Bills will win. Next.

Score: Bills 27, Dolphins, 14

Minnesota Vikings (-1) at Detroit Lions 

The Lions were two questionable Trey Flowers penalties from up-ending the Packers at Lambeau Field, however this week, I don't think Detroit will be coming out with a win here either.

Kirk Cousins has had two clean, efficient game after several that led to his own teammates calling him out. I think his form will continue, albeit in a close one.

Score: Vikings 24, Lions 23 

Oakland Raiders at Green Bay Packers (-5.5)

Speaking of the Packers, they got a few fortunate calls to go their way against Detroit, but I'm not going to let that detract from Green Bay.

The offense proved they can perform under adversity. And now it will face against a worse team in Oakland. Expect a Green Bay victory.

Score: Packers 21, Raiders 14

Jacksonville Jaguars (-3.5) at Cincinnati Bengals 

Jacksonville could only muster two field goals last week against a solid Saints team. They will get a more favorable matchup this week in the league's whipping boys in the Bengals.
It won't be a masterclass by Minshew and company, but they will handle the Bengals with relative ease.

Score: Jaguars 27, Bengals 10

Los Angeles Rams (-3) at Atlanta Falcons 

Two teams with immensely porous defensive secondaries face off. What's different between the two is that the Rams addressed the issue, giving a hefty haul to the Jaguars for Jalen Ramsey

The Falcons on the other hand will be viewed as an offensive opportunity in nearly every game they play. from here on out.

This is the perfect game for Jared Goff to put last week's 78-yard dud behind him.

Score: Rams 24, Falcons 16

San Francisco 49ers (-9.5) at Washington Redskins 

The 49ers are for real. The defense is in the upper echelon in the league, the and offense is emerging.

The Redskins are the opposite of that. 49ers will win.

Score: 49ers 34, Redskins 17

Los Angeles Chargers at Tennessee Titans (-2)

The Titans fantastic defense is being wasted on a putrid offense, and naming Ryan Tannehill as the starting quarterback won't change that.

The Titans defense will keep the team in pretty much all games this year, but the lack of offense will lost most of them.

Yes, the Chargers were embarrassed for three quarters against the Steelers, but the fourth quarter showed what they are capable of, with loads of talent on the offensive side of the ball.

Score: Chargers 17, Titans 10

Baltimore Ravens at Seattle Seahawks (-3.5)

A strong secondary is even stronger now that the Ravens traded for Marcus Peters. I don't think that will hamper Russel Wilson himself too much, but it will certainly make the receivers have to work harder.

The Seahawks defense has been surprisingly good, and it may not be prepared for a weapon like Lamar Jackson.

This one could go either way, but I'll go with Seattle. Russell Wilson will find a way to win with help from Chris Carson, who is becoming an absolute workhorse.

Score:  Seahawks 28, Ravens 21

New Orleans Saints at Chicago Bears (-3)

Teddy Bridgewater will have his toughest matchup this week after several weeks of strong performances.

The good news for the Saints is that the Bears still haven't figured it out on offense.

That will ultimately hand the W to the Saints in yet another low-scoring Bears game.

Score: Saints 16, Bears 14

Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys (-3)


The Eagles are a mess in the secondary, and decent-at-best everywhere else.

If Dak is going to have a bounceback game, this is it. Carson Wentz been fine, but he can only do so much with this offense.

Score: Cowboys 25, Eagles 21

New England Patriots (-9.5) at New York Jets

This one will be much closer than their previous matchup. Sam Darnold is pivotal to the success of this Jets offense. With him, this offense hums much easier.

I don't think it will be enough to beat the Patriots, but it will be a good game at least.

Score: Patriots 26, Jets 20


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