Yes, we know. There is technically just one New York-based NFL team.

While the Buffalo Bills call western New York home, the Jets and Giants are technically located in New Jersey.

Still, there are lots of fans from all three teams in New York State, and all three have rabid fandoms, not the least of which being the Buffalo Bills, whose fans find some kind of sadistic pleasure with giving Randy Savage-esque flying elbows through tables...

The holiday season is coming up, and maybe the Bills fan in your life is in need of a new table to jump through...

... or maybe you know a Jets fan who needs some new clothes that show their disappointment in Gang Green...

... or maybe a Giants fan that needs a new way to make their car look nice as they leave MetLife before the game is over.

We've got you covered.

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1. Bills Folding Table -- Will this be sturdy enough to not break from pile-driving your friend Derek through it after Josh Allen rushes it in for a touchdown? There's only one way to find out. Sorry, Derek.

Credit: Proline via Amazon

2. Bills Mafia Shirt -- I have to say, Bills fans are a breed of fan that are completely unique. Here's a shirt to show that pride off.

Credit: Unknown via Amazon

3. I Heart Buffalo Sticker --

Credit: Siskiyou via Amazon

4 Bills Duck Tape -- To hold the season together.

Credit: Duck via Amazon

5. Bills Beanie -- Have you been to a Bills game in December?

Credit: New Era via Amazon


1. "This Team Makes Me Drink" Shirt -- Great way to show your pride (or lack thereof).

Credit: Gildan via Amazon

2. Jets Flask -- Goes great with the previous shirt.

Credit: Boelter Brands via Amazon

3. Blackout Sam Darnold Jersey -- A shirt you'll be able to rock for the next decade (assuming Darnold doesn't bolt before then).

Credit: Franklin Sports via Amazon

4.Jets Sunglasses -- Want to be the coolest dude at MetLife?

Credit: Rico via Amazon

5. Jets Magic Mirror Light -- All jokes aside, this is pretty cool.

Credit: Mirror Magic Store via Amazon


1. Giants Helmet Puzzle -- It's up to you to put the Giants' season back together.

Credit: FOCO via Amazon

2. Giants License Plate Frame -- Use this to look good as you leave MetLife Stadium early.

Credit: Rico via Amazon

3. Giants Ugly Christmas Sweater -- There's a joke here somewhere about an ugly season so far...

Credit: FOCO via Amazon

4. Giants Hawaiian Shirt -- Which NFL team do people in Hawaii like? Genuine question.

Credit: FOCO via Amazon

5. Giants Youth Receiver Gloves -- Prepare your little one to be drafted to the Giants in the 2029 Draft.

Credit: Franklin Sports via Amazon