I remember all the buzz about Curling during the 2010 Olympics, but I never did watch the sport. That is about to change.

We are well represented by Upstate neighbors in the Olympics. I would put the list up, but there are a ton of New Yorkers on the team! In order to root, properly for our Team USA, I thought I would explain a little bit about Curling.

My favorite rule of the sport is that the losing team must buy the winning team a round at the local bar. Even at the Olympics! What's not to like so far?

The game is related to shuffleboard, although it also looks like horse shoes to me. The basic idea is that you slide a stone down a playing field, that is a sheet of ice, to try and get it into a bulls eye like area. To alter the path of the stone, you can use brooms ahead of it to change the ice.

The score is determined by the placement of the two teams stones.This all may sound boring, but take a look at the video! It's a different kind of sport, but fun to watch.