Perception is reality. That is just a fact. My perception of Cleveland Browns Quarterback, Johnny Manziel, is that he is clueless about what a truly hard day of work is and doesn't deserve to be in the NFL.

Do you know how many people would kill to be on an NFL starting squad? Thousands! And here is a kid who, instead of respecting the system, opts to party. This time he has taken down two teammates with him.

Most of us bust our butts at work. We have a good work ethic, do the best we can and at the end of the day can say we gave it 100%. That's the way life should be.

Manziel may have been a big deal at Texas A&M, but the learning curve for the big leagues is a big one. You have to be a pocket passer, read defenses, and show leadership. Manziel does none of these things well, so he really has not earned the right to flash his 'money sign'. When he is on par with Manning, Rodgers, or the like, then we'll talk.

You would have thought Manziel's humbling first start would have done the trick, but instead he threw a party last week, according to reports. Manziel has denied this report, and calls it "100 percent false." Teammates, Josh Gordon, who is on thin ice after a suspension for drug policy violations, and rookie, Justin Gilbert, were at the party and also blew off the walk through. Gordon was suspended and Gilbert deactivated.

What kind of 'leader' takes his players down that path?

I don't think anything short of a massive wake up call will straighten out Johnny Manziel. He's been given a long leash for many years.

At least the owner of the Browns, Jimmy Haslam, is well aware of the situation. He made it clear last night that if you aren't mature and dedicated to hard work, kiss the team goodbye. Good for him!

This article is 100% my opinion and not that of 99.1 The Whale or Townsquare Media.