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Apparently, TMZ...a tabloid...is more qualified to make a judgement on an NFL case that the commissioner himself. At least TMZ did their homework!

TMZ Sports has released new video of Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice's domestic violence incident in an Atlantic City casino. The video is from inside the elevator and shows Rice throw the first punch at his fiancee, then she defends herself and Rice responds with a punch that lifted her off the ground and knocked her out.

According to the employee that turned the video over, the NFL did see the new footage before suspending Rice for only 2 games.

Here is my take: I believe (and this is what I felt when the suspension was handed down) that Roger Goodell thought it was a substance fueled fight and that he shook his head and did not take it seriously. It is amazing how people "fluff off" all kinds of stupid and criminal acts when alcohol is used as an excuse.

This would be why Goodell didn't do as he should have from the start; bring in the people who ultimately convinced him to change the rules. The NFL Commissioner can use any excuse he wants to at this point, but he is full of crap.

Goodell did not take this crime seriously. Goodell needs to find a way to change the punishment so that Rice can serve the appropriate suspension. NOW. And, Goodell needs to be fined, censored, or whatever other punishment can be done to him!

I do not believe Goodell's apology when he announced the new punishment. I thought then and and am more confident now, that he flat out lied. If he thinks the pressure on him was harsh before, this will be a hurricane.