Police officers in Owego issued dozens of warnings to motorists before writing tickets for those who cruised through an intersection despite a flashing red traffic signal.

The light at Main and Church streets had operated on a normal red-and-green cycle until late June when the signal began to malfunction.

After that, Main Street drivers encountered a flashing yellow light and those on Church Street had a flashing red light.

Mayor Michael Baratta said the signal was changed to red in all directions because motorists on the side street were having difficulty making turns because of parked vehicles.

The signal change meant a "four-way stop" rule was in effect at the intersection. But residents and drivers complained that many Main Street motorists were not stopping.

Village police issued more than 40 warnings and then began writing actual tickets for violators.

Baratta said although there had been some close calls at the intersection due to people ignoring the red light, he was aware of no crashes.

The mayor said the situation has finally been resolved. He said the village had received a needed circuit board and the signal was restored to normal operation Monday afternoon.

Owego police increased monitoring at Main and Church streets after some drivers ignored a flashing red traffic signal. (Photo: Bob Joseph/WNBF News)

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