Finally, things can get back to normal in Happy Valley. Let's get you caught up on this ever evolving story.

There has been a battle over the penalties slapped on Penn State by the NCAA after the Jerry Sandusky mess. Many of the sanctions negatively affected innocent students. There was also a question about where and how fines would be used. It was almost like a messy divorce.

The State of Pennsylvania and the Board of Penn State wanted to make sure the 60 million dollar fine would be used to address child abuse within the state's borders. The NCAA wanted to keep it in their deep pockets.

Lawsuits were filed and the whole mess dragged on...until now. Both sides must have decided to compromise and close the books, according to ESPN. Thank goodness.

As part of the deal between Penn State and the NCAA, again according to ESPN, Franco Harris, Kerry Collins and the countless other athletes whose wins were vacated by the NCAA will get them back. Paterno's 111 wins that were stripped are now restored, making his record 409-136-3 and again the winningest coach in major college football history. Tom Bradley, who coached the team to one win after Paterno was let go in 2011, will also have his win restored.

Too much collateral damage was done with the NCAA's penalties. I'm glad to see it is set straight.

Now comes the matter of former President Graham Spanier and others paying for sweeping this under the rug. A judge just gave the trial a green light.