Local officials say the mostly-unused Broome Developmental Center site might be viewed as an appropriate location if New York state needs more hospital beds.

Governor Andrew Cuomo says he's concerned there won't be enough intensive care unit space in the state to care for coronavirus patients in coming weeks.

Cuomo has called on the federal government to provide assistance in building temporary medical facilities.

Town of Dickinson supervisor Michael Marinaccio estimates about 350,000 square feet of space at the former developmental center on Glenwood Road isn't being utilized.

Although Marinaccio has not been advised the state is considering the site, he said he believes there's "a strong possibility" that it could be used if more hospital beds are necessary.

Marinaccio said "during the war they were using tents for hospitals, so I'm sure that they can use the Broome Developmental Center as a hospital if need be."

Broome County emergency services director Michael Ponticello said he "thinks that's a great idea." He said he believes the "state is exploring all options."

The state closed the Broome Developmental Center four years ago. A small portion of the facility now is being used for drug treatment services.

The old Broome Developmental Center campus is located in the town of Dickinson. (Photo: Bob Joseph/WNBF News)

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