There is no doubt that hostility between Alex Rodriguez and the New York Yankees still exist, but there is a contract in play and sixty million dollars owed to the 3rd baseman. The only thing to do is play ball.

Rodriguez, as we all know, was found guilty in the Biogenesis steroid scandal. Instead of taking the high road, he sued everyone in sight including the Yankees. Bad move on his part. He was on the losing end. What he didn't think about was the fans putting him on their "list" (if you know what I mean).

According to ESPN, the hatchet between A-Rod and the Yankees was buried during a 90 minute meeting that Rodriguez called. He apparently, "apologized to the organization for his actions over the past several years."

Ok, so now we just play ball and forget about the fact that if Rodriguez reaches or surpasses Willie Mays 660 homers to be 4th on the list it means nothing? That he sullied what his team has accomplished? Luckily, he stunk in his World Series appearances or we wouldn't even have that.

It is now up to the fans as far as acceptance or forgiveness. And it's up to the owners and GMs around the league to get it into their heads that NO player is worth the obscene amount of money A-Rod got. For obvious reasons.