When Samuel Blanc invented and patented the first Roto-Rooter machine, he did more than revolutionize pipe cleaning, he established an organization that set the standards for high quality service. The Roto-Rooter Service continues to follow his high standards. They continue providing that service throughout Broome and Tioga Counties in New York and the northern region of Susquehanna County, PA.

In 1968, Arlene and Clare Price established the Roto-Rooter

Sewer Service business in Broome and Tioga Counties. The first firm to specialize in just sewer and drain cleaning in this region, the company grew quickly with same-day service and high service standards. From a modest one-truck operation, the company

now operates several service trucks as well as excavating equipment to correct any

drainage problems.

They at Roto-Rooter strive to provide an efficient and professional service for all customers. Along with making the inside of your pipes "razor clean," they will make every effort to keep the work site clean as well.

Meet The Expert: Art Price

Education: Graduate of Greene Central Schools. He also attended Broome Community College for Business Management and Engineering.

Upbringing: “I grew up in the sewers of the Southern Tier.”


  •  31 years experience in handling/solving drainage problems locally.
  • 24 years heavy equipment operator (backhoe, excavators, bull dozer, skid steer)
  • Extracted 2nd longest root nationally 1993
  • Past director of North East Franchise Owners Association-Roto-Rooter
  • Past instructor for both Regional and National conventions, Roto-Rooter
  • Chosen presenter for US Senate hearing Franchise Rights Legislation 1994
  • Certified septic system installer for Broome County
  • Part-time musician (guitar, vocal, horns), Avid hockey fan “Go B-Sens!”