I have just discovered that yard sales are slowly becoming a thing of the past. Did you know there are online resale/yard sale groups on Facebook? Welcome to 2014!

This will be a great way to pick through your possessions and unwanted Christmas gifts and "purge" them in the new year. There is also the bonus of not having to wait until Spring to sell your stuff and make some money!

Keep in mind sites like these hold the same dangers as Craigslist. Before meeting for 'pick ups', here are some tips to help keep you safe.

  • Always meet in a very public place during the daylight hours. Don’t ever go in some strangers house or you might end up at the bottom of a creepy well putting lotion on your skin… or worse! And certainly don't invite anyone to YOU!
  • Always bring at least one friend. Someone who can “handle business” if needed.
  • Have a cell phone ready in case something goes wrong. But definitely don’t whip out your brand new iPhone in front of the stranger.
  • Never bring more cash than you need for the transaction. If you whip out $400 when you only need $20, you’re basically asking for trouble.
  • Dress down.  Wear clothing and shoes that is cheaper than cheap. If you wear any bling or top of the line shoes, you could make yourself more of a target.
  • Always let a friends and family know all of the details about your meeting in advance. Setup some sort of plan so if people don’t hear from you, they will know something is wrong right away. If a lot of people know what you'll be doing, to help  the authorities in case something goes wrong.
  • Try not to bring any other valuables with you. You can’t rob someone that only has the $2 they needed to buy your used copy of a DVD or CD. Don't wear jewelry.

Interested in selling some of your stuff? Here are a few local Facebook groups you can request to join!

Virtual Yard Sale for Broome County

Endicott Virtual Yard Sale

Broome County Sells Stuff