New York State Senator Fred Akshar of Binghamton is among Republicans in Albany criticizing Governor Andrew Cuomo’s plan for new license plates at a cost of $25 to state vehicle-owners.



Akshar calls the fee “just a creative way to announce a new tax” and complains only one of the five design options is “Upstate” and that is Niagara Falls.


The Senator admits many older plates are wearing out and are more difficult for law enforcement officers to read, but he opposes a charge of $25 for new plates and an additional $20 for a vehicle-owner to keep their current plate number.

Akshar is putting the issue before constituents in his latest online survey asking if they support or oppose the new replacement fee, support or oppose the fee to keep their current plate number and if they want to see more plate designs that feature “Upstate” symbols and landmarks.

The survey is available at Akshar.NYSenate.Gov.