Derek Jeter's last year as the Captain of the Yankees isn't going so well. I get that he is "the" face of the Yankees, but is he costing his team wins?

Here are his current stats: In 26 games, he's had 102 at bats with only 6 RBIs, 6 runs, 26 hits and 10 walks, plus 21 strikeouts. He has a .255 average.

The sad thing is, by stats alone, only 4 Yankees are producing and have averages over .300! That's it. I am a fan of the Bombers, so this is disappointing. But does Jeter have anything to do with the lack of production?

I say yes. He is after all, the Captain. The buck stops with him and Joe Girardi. But should he be benched? Not yet. However, if he doesn't step it up, retirement or not, he should be.

No offense to those that disagree, but this is about winning, not emotion. Do you think we, as fans, pay the ticket prices we do to see our team suck? Hell no! And we pay those prices because the organization sunk a ton of money into signing these players to guarantee success.

If he doesn't produce by the end of this month, I would bench Derek Jeter.