Daniel Jones

Which New York Star Has The Best Odds Of Being The Next NFL MVP?
The New York NFL teams each have a young quarterback they're hoping will be their future. The Buffalo Bills have Josh Allen, The Giants have Daniel Jones and the Jets are counting on Sam Darnold. Which of the three does BetOnline.com think has the best chance of being named MVP in 2020/2021?
Baker Mayfield Trashes Giants QB
There's an old saying we've all heard "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anyting at all." I know that I for one violate that rule from time to time but Cleveland Browns QB Baker Mayfield must live by a different rule like "Run your mouth about as many peopl…
Eli Heavy Favorite To Start For Giants
As NFL and College Football training camps are all underway we can now truly gauge all the Quarterback battles. The New York Giants have a 2 time Super Bowl MVP in Eli Manning and spent the 6th overall pick of this year's draft on Daniel Jones. Even though the Giants have had terrible luck at W…