LeBron James

Doug's Sports Rap-Round Two Lakers VS ??
The Portland Trailblazers started the playoff series with a win against the LA Lakers, and a statement that they could beat anyone, the Lakers answered with for straight wins and a bigger statement, goodbye Blazers.
Ready To See LeBron's Space Jam Jersey?
When "Space Jam: A New Legacy" comes out sometime in the middle of 2021 LeBron James will be in the familiar role of being compared to Michael Jordan. Jordan and the Looney Tune crew defeated the Monstars way back in 1996 in the iconic original "Space Jam" movie. Now it's Le…
LeBron Gets “Blocked” On Taco Tuesday
Ever since I could remember I've always heard people say "Taco Tuesday"; however in all fairness non of the people I've heard say it personally can say millions of people follow them on social media, nor can they say they might be one of the greatness basketball players t…

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