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Jets Get D-Line Help
The New York Jets needed help on defense...badly. Robert Saleh and Joe Douglas got that help today. That help comes in the form of Shaq Lawson.
Baez Gives New York Mets Fans 'Thumbs Down'
Javier Baez and maybe some other New York Mets have decided to take on the fans. According to an article in the New York Daily News by Deesha Thosar, Mr. Baez feels justified in taking on the New York Mets fans, “When we don’t get success, we’re going to get booed,” Baez …
Is Zach Wilson Better Than Sam Darnold Already?
To me, the comparison to Sam Darnold is important. I have said it time and again, Sam Darnold was at a disadvantage with Adam Gase as his head coach. I am not trying to be funny. Sometimes there are bad head coaches. Gase was one of them. At the same time, Darnold made enough head scratching play…

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