Sam Darnold

Is Zach Wilson Better Than Sam Darnold Already?
To me, the comparison to Sam Darnold is important. I have said it time and again, Sam Darnold was at a disadvantage with Adam Gase as his head coach. I am not trying to be funny. Sometimes there are bad head coaches. Gase was one of them. At the same time, Darnold made enough head scratching play…
Jets Need To Get A Head Start On Hiring One Of These Head Coaches
My support of New York Jets' Head Coach Adam Gase seems to be at best misguided at this point. I was really hoping he'd be one of those guys that just because he didn't get great results elsewhere it would click for him here. The Jets are 0-3 with the lackluster Denver Broncos coming …
Who Has The Best Odds of 2020 NFL MVP?
The New York NFL teams each have a young quarterback they're hoping will be their future. The Buffalo Bills have Josh Allen, The Giants have Daniel Jones and the Jets are counting on Sam Darnold. Which of the three does think has the best chance of being named MVP in 2020/2021?