Tall Pines Farm is a family business started by Nan and George Conner from their backyard in 1978.

The business still utilizes the out-buildings of the family homestead that dates back to the earliest settlers of Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania. The concept of the backyard has exponentially expanded as the world wide web has developed. Today the business provides the Binghamton, NY and Scranton, PA areas with the finest hearth products and fireplace services available.

The Conners hope that the traditions started by the hardy people who scraped a living from the rocky soils of the area live on in the ideals and philosophy of the current business. They strive to bring the best technology and highest level of expertise to their many customers. They and their associates will go beyond the expected to inform you and make your visit a productive endeavor.

Whether your main source of heat is natural gas, propane, oil or electricity, you are subject to wide fluctuations in pricing, and the discomfort, or danger, of power outages.  A fireplace or insert is a sensible hedge against these possibilities. in our increasingly high tech and sophisticated world, the basic wood stove is still considered reliable protection against power outages, and against shortages and skyrocketing prices of fossil fuels.

Combustion engineers have created ultra efficient, clean burning, and captivating sources of home heating. Choose your style; stove, or built in fireplace. Then imagine the pleasure that a wood burning appliance can bring to your home.


The Benefits of Certified Wood Fireplace Inserts:
1. Low Maintenance
2. Clean Burn
3. Highly Efficient
4. Less Wood, More Heat
5. Cost Effective
6. Quiet Operation
7. Operates Without Power


Tall Pines Farm Can Answer Questions Relating to:

  • Do coal burning products run clean?
  • Are pellets really substantially low cost verses other heating?
  • Can I get a quote?
  • Do you offer any in store financing?