The underwhelming 0-3 Tampa Bay Buccaneers will shake up their depth chart this upcoming weekend against the Arizona Cardinals.  Rookie QB Mike Glennon will get the nod over the team's former first round pick Josh Freeman.  For those involved with the Buccaneers organization, the writing has been on the wall for a few weeks now.

The downfall of Josh Freeman isn't completely due to his stats, though he certainly didn't help himself with his numbers.  Through 3 games this year, Freeman had a completion percent less than 50%, only 571 yards, and a TD-Int ratio of 2-3.  In those first 3 games against the Jets, Saints, and Patriots, the Bucs are win-less despite close games against both New York and New Orleans.

Aside from the stats, reports out of Tampa Bay stated that Freeman lost the respect and support of his teammates and coaching staff.  Freeman was not voted a team captain this year even though he had been captain the past three seasons.  Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano also noted that Freeman missed a team photo and was consistently late for team activities.  Freeman's career in the NFL is likely far from over, though he'll likely have to find a new home.

The Bucs will turn to third round pick Mike Glennon to run the offense from here on out. Glennon started the last two years for NC State and put up very solid numbers, though it will have to be seen whether he's an NFL type quarterback.

Tampa Bay certainly has talent around the new young QB.  Starting running back Doug Martin was one of the league's best last season, and their starting two wide-outs Vincent Jackson and Mike Williams are huge targets with good hands.  It will be a full team effort for Tampa Bay going forward if they hope to have any success.  The Tampa Bay Bucs will host the Arizona Cardinals as they attempt to right the ship this season and work Glennon into that starting role.

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