It's one of Buffalo's worst sports memories of all time, but it made a list of one of the best Super Bowls of All Time.

With the Super Bowl right around the corner, USA Today decided to rank every Super Bowl ever.  The good news is that The Bills were in the top 10 with one of the games they played. The bad news is that it was one of the hardest losses for Bills fans to endure.

It was one of the most dramatic ends to a Super Bowl ever.  If you weren't alive for it, many people just refer to it as the "Wide Right" game.  The Bills made the top ten with Super Bowl XXV; the Bills/Giants game.  It was the Bills' first appearance in the Super Bowl and it ended with a 47 yard missed kick that went just wide to the right of the goal post.

So where did the other games rank? Check out the entire list at

By the way...the other Bills games ranked close to the bottom:

32:  Bills/Cowboys  (1993)

40:  Bills/Cowboys (1992)

48:  Bills/Redskins (1991)



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