The basement dwelling NY Jets are trying to weed their way out of a 1-6 record and they just helped themselves with two personnel moves this week that will shore up their receiving core.

They grabbed wide receiver Percy Harvin from the Seattle Seahawks. Harvin was disappointed in his limited role at Seattle and his happily adjusting to the Jets.  Though many questions about his work ethic swirl, the guy has talent. Hopefully he will use it with New York.

The New York Jets are holding onto wide receiver Jeremy Kerley for 4 more years. Whew! Kerley's rookie contract is up this year and the Jets, according to ESPN, were smart enough to hang on to this developing talent.

By the numbers, Kerley has 22 catches for 201 yards and one touch this season. Not bad for being on a team that can't find its way. They may have been worried about him walking.