It’s a slow time for sports fans. The NBA and NFL aren’t in play and Major League Baseball is pretty much just slogging through their regular season.

Which I guess is why GQ thought it would be the perfect time to introduce some controversy.  According to the magazine, here’s a rundown of the worst sports fans in America.

5. University of Maryland Basketball – Over the past 15 years, because of wins or losses, fans have rioted. Very not cool.

4. Oakland Raiders – It's legitimately dangerous to attend Raider games. and for some reason, many Raider fans think this is awesome.

3. West Virginia University Mountaineers – This college led the nation in intentionally set street fires from 1997 to 2003. For real. An unbelievable 1,120 fires were set in those six years.

2 and 1. Philadelphia Eagles and Philadelphia Phillies – As a fan of both teams, this shames me. Between booing Santa Claus and cheering for Michael Irvin’s injury, Philly fans are known as the meanest fans in America. I completely disagree that all fans are mean, but as with everything in life, a few rotten apples tend to ruin it for everyone.