Wow. I still can't believe Jeff Gordon made that announcement today.

Gordon didn't use the word retire, because he will remain active in the sport. He just won't be a driver.

Gordon has seen some big life changes in the past few years with his second marriage and the birth of two kids. At age 43, I think Gordon sees his chance to be a dad and businessman, but drop out of the risk business. Smart move.

NASCAR is changing and Jeff Gordon's legacy is cemented, so he is one of the few in the sport that can afford to step out of the car. Don't forget, along with his own 4 championships, he is a co-owner of the #48, so he has 6 other championships too.

I expect this to be a very competitive season for Jeff Gordon and I see him making the Chase.

This is a polarized sport as far as fans are concerned, but as for me, though I am not a Gordon fan, I respect how he has driven, competed and represented the sport. May he be happy off the track!