New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is not locking down a date for businesses to reopen but he is announcing a phased-in business plan that has construction and manufacturing functions with low risk the first to reopen as the number of new cases, hospitalizations and deaths from the coronavirus continues to trend downward.

Bob Joseph/WNBF News


Sunday, the Governor said regional rates will be closely watched as phase one is put into play if numbers stay consistent between May 1 and the 15th in certain areas.

Cuomo says Phase Two could start at the beginning of June at the earliest providing the number of infections is kept to one-point-two people or less.

With that second phase, businesses will be evaluated on how essential they are and how they plan to maintain lower risks of spreading the virus through distancing provisions for staff and employees, sanitation, dealing with transportation and other factors.

The Governor also linked schools resuming classes to business reopening.  He says some schools are talking about making up lost time through summer schools but those plans also are not finalized.


Large gatherings and festivals that draw people from different parts of the state and even different states are still on hold indefinitely.

The Governor says its all about re-imagining how daily business is done going forward.

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