U.S. Senator Charles Schumer is planning a trip to Binghamton next week and he will have Major League Baseball officials in tow in an effort to dissuade the MLB from eliminating over three dozen major-league-affiliated farm clubs in the system.

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The Democrat said he’s pleased league officials have agreed to take a first-hand look at Binghamton’s NYSEG stadium and the Rumble Ponies facilities as they discuss the future of the minor leagues.

The Senate Minority Leader is among a group of government and community leaders from the very towns hosting minor league teams up to state and federal levels, from all party affiliations, that have joined to champion minor-league clubs and the communities they support.

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The discussions about the makeup of professional baseball are not new and the MLB has indicated it is willing to listen to options as it looks to forward the game and its business model goals.

News accounts have not specified what day Senator Schumer and baseball officials plan to be in Binghamton to discuss issues with local stakeholders and elected officials.