After almost 20 years as a New York Yankee, Captain Derek Jeter will retire after this season.

We've known this would come, but still, Jeter's announcement today was a heart breaker. Yes, he has been injured a lot and struggled the last few years, but as the face of the Bombers, he has been all class.

He was part of 5 championship seasons and was World Series MVP in 2000. I could rattle off stat after stat, but I'm not going to. Fans know all they need to.

The big question is, what will the team look like in 2015? Will someone step up and become the next "Captain?" Let's face it, it took a while for Jeter to fill those shoes for Thurman Munson. It may never happen again.

I think we should just let Brian Cashman work some magic and simply enjoy Jeter's last year. Get your tickets now. They are going to be gone in a heartbeat!

Thanks Derek for the great years and for being a true Yankee.