In what is believed to be a first there will be a Major League Baseball Game played and no fans will be there.  It's not that they don't want to be there. They aren't allowed. After consulting with Major League Baseball the Baltimore Orioles have decided to play their home game at Camden Yards this afternoon against the Chicago White Sox but will not allow any fans to come into the stadium.  Only staff, security and media will be allowed into the stadium along with the players and other team personnel.

Rioting that occurred on Monday night near Camden Yards and with lingering security concerns in the same area has caused the ball club to seal the stadium and not allow any outsiders to come to the game.

The contest is scheduled to begin at 2:05 this afternoon and will still be televised and broadcast on radio.  Officials decided to go forward with the game even with no fans in attendance.  The White Sox don't come back to Baltimore this season and they already have two previously postponed games to make up as a result of the riots.