The player rankings for EA Sports Madden 2021 have started to leak out. There will always be players that feel like they're ranked too high or too low especially when they play for your favorite teams. The top ten players for all three New York NFL teams have leaked. Who is the player for New York that is most underrated?

I have no issue with Saquon Barkley being the Giants' best player but only 89?

The New York Jets top ten is headlined by the player that wants out, Jamal Adams is a 92.

LeVeon Bell and CJ Moseley might have a legit gripe on their rankings.

I have a laundry list of issues with the Bills top ten rankings. Arguments could and will be made for many Bills players.

It's important to remember even though these seem to be correct these are "leaks". So the official numbers could be different. I feel strong about the numbers being correct but you should definitely keep an eye on this article from the Sporting News that has been updating as soon as EA Sports releases the official numbers.

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