This week, we see the stark contrast between how two men who played on the same MLB team and used PEDs are treated.

On one hand, Andy Pettitte is going to have his number retired by the Yankees and on the other, the Yankees are still locking horns with Alex Rodriguez.

Pettitte was forgiven after admitting he used PEDs to rehab injuries. A-Rod was not. Here's the hypocritical part; Pettitte didn't admit he did the PEDs until the Mitchell Report was released with his name in it. Let's get real, he wouldn't have said a word if he hadn't gotten caught. I don't care how nice you think he is. It ain't happening.

The reason he was forgiven, though, was because he is a true Mr. Nice Guy. Rodriguez, not so much. A-Rod's mistake was suing everyone and not manning up to admit his mistake.

If people didn't base opinion on emotion, neither man would be getting any recognition and neither would get in the Hall of Fame. In a logical world, you have to treat both men equal, regardless of their attitude. Lucky for Pettitte this is not a logical world!

While I am thrilled that Bernie Williams and Jorge Posada are getting their numbers retired by the Yankees, I am on the fence about Pettitte.

There is a lesson in all this for all of us; project a good character and don't "scorch the earth" when you make a mistake and forgiveness will be given. It's all how you are perceived.