"Gearcor has what you need…for the work you do."

People from all professions come into the store every day looking for work footwear, clothing and safety gear. The Gearcor staff takes the time to learn what that customer needs and suggests products that best suit their work environment. For example, if a customer is looking for footwear and works on a construction site, the staff will ask about the job they do and the environment they work in. Then the staff finds out if there are any other special considerations before making style or product recommendations. They also take the time to measure the customer’s feet to make sure they get the right size for a comfortable fit.

 Gearcor has established a "Gearcor Insider's Club" at the store and are giving away free t-shirts to people who join, while supplies last. Every month they will be giving the club members special gifts, sneak peeks of new products or exclusive discount coupons.

Gearcor Insider's Club Monthly Giveaways
September's giveaway will be a FREE Geacor Work Sock with a $50 minimum purchase

Founded: 2003

Led by: Carol Yeager and Pete Yeager