"The Loan Arranger – With money to lend through all stages of life."

With assets over $3 billion, VISIONS serves members from 31 locations throughout portions of Central New York, Syracuse, Rochester, Northern Pennsylvania and Northern New Jersey.

VISIONS offers a variety of checking and savings accounts to meet all budget needs; a choice of credit cards including those with:

  • gold and platinum rewards programs;
  • investment vehicles;
  • insurance;
  • trusts;
  • personal and business loans.

VISIONS is one of the only “local” financial institutions in our community. When you borrow from a local lender, you support your local community. Originally founded as the IBM Endicott Employees Federal Credit Union, VISIONS has become one of the nation’s largest and strongest credit unions. Because the credit union is owned by its members and adheres to its mission of “People Helping People” – loan rates are traditionally among the lowest in the market. Their goal is to assist all residents of our communities with the ability to borrow. At the same, VISIONS assists in improving financial responsibility by providing educational programs designed to help in assisting with credit retention, budgeting, and life-time solutions everyone needs to remain financially stable. VISIONS remains a technology leader, too. The Credit Union provides digital delivery channels that allow members to deposit and access their funds, including mobile check deposit and bill payment. Free apps for all mobile devices are available.